Program Overview

PICFI PROGRAM – Roles and Responsibilities

Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI)

The Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (PICFI) was launched in 2007 to support eligible First Nations to develop commercial fisheries and increase access to commercial fishing in the Pacific Region. PICFI facilitates the development of self-sustaining operations, creates capacity-building opportunities, generates Indigenous employment, and increases long-term Indigenous participation in commercial fisheries and diversification related activities.

  • Duncan Stephen: Director
  • Ann Susnik: Manager
  • Susan Tam: Economist
  • Eva Wong: Program Officer
  • Madelaine Vockeroth Fisher: Program Officer
  • Jenny Mbarushimana: Program Officer
  • Bryce Gillard: Development Officer (leave replacement for Vivian Chow)
  • Yeon Zhoo: Data Analyst 


The following partners work with CFEs and PICFI to assist with implementing the program:

Business Development Team (BDT)

The BDT provides advisory services to PICFI program applicants and provides assistance with project implementation. The BDT does not play a role in the evaluation of business cases and has no decision-making authority. Visit this link for more information.

Business Development Management Committee (BDMC)

BCMC is the governing body of the PICFI program. The program is accountable to BDMC and guided by its direction. PICFI and the First Nations Fisheries Council (FNFC) co-chair the committee.

  • Jordan Point, co-chair, Executive Director, First Nation Fisheries Council
  • Kevin Fram, co-chair, Senior Director, Aboriginal Programs, DFO
  • Astrid Niemann-Zajac, Business & Economic Development Advisor, First Nation Fisheries Council
  • Mark Duiven, Executive Director, National Indigenous Fisheries Institute
  • Stu Barnes, Chair, Skeena Fisheries Commission
  • Fernando Salazar, Team Lead, Business Development Team
  • Alison Krahn, Training Advisor, Business Development Team
  • Duncan Stephen, Director, Aboriginal Programs Division, DFO
  • Ann Susnik, Manager, PICFI, DFO
  • Ngaio Hotte, Independent Third-Party Evaluator

Independent Third-Party Evaluator (ITPE)

The ITPE evaluates BDS and CBS applications, and assesses their alignment with PICFI program goals, such as revenue and profit generation, employment creation, capacity-building and sustainability. The ITPE prepares reports for DFO outlining results from these evaluations, and provides recommendations, as well as presents reports and recommendations to the PICFI program Authority and Application Review Committee (ARC) for major projects.

  • Ngaio Hotte: Independent Third-Party Evaluator

Application Review Committee (ARC)

The ARC reviews applications and the ITPE’s findings for major projects in order to make recommendations to the PICFI Program Authority. ARC is comprised of representatives from First Nations organizations. DFO is an ex-officio participant.

  • Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor: Deputy Director and Principal Investigator, Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Program
  • Glenn Kierce: Owner, Deep Sea Fishing Charters
  • Lori Simcox: CEO, SPAL Constructors & Senior Project Manager, Tsleil-Waututh Economic Development.
  • Mark Duiven: Deputy Commissioner, Skeena Fisheries Commission

PICFI Program Authority

Ultimate decision maker for all funding related matters.

  • Regional and National DFO departments
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