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Waubetek Aquaculture Development Officer

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Waubetek Business Development Corporation is an Indigenous-owned organization that delivers business financing and regional economic development services to Indigenous communities and businesses throughout North-Eastern Ontario. Waubetek is part of the network of Community Futures Development Corporations in Ontario and Aboriginal Financial Institutions in Canada. The organization is also a co-delivery partner of the Northern Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative (NICFI), focused on building Indigenous aquaculture capacity across central Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta). 


Reporting to the Senior Aquaculture Development Officer, you will provide aquaculture advisory services to Indigenous communities regarding the development and management of aquaculture opportunities, businesses, and projects. You will also provide advisory support to privately-held Indigenous aquaculture businesses that may not be eligible within the NICFI program.


Click the link for full details: https://www.geraldwalsh.com/job-listings/aquaculture-development-officer-waubetek/  

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