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Pacific Salmon Commission – Assistant Fisheries Technician(s)

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The Pacific Salmon Commission (PSC), an international organization responsible for transboundary salmon fisheries management in Canada and the United States, is seeking multiple Assistant Fisheries Technician(s) for seasonal contract positions. The positions will begin the third week of June and continue until the end of upstream sockeye migration (approximately early October). 

Based at the Mission Hydroacoustic field site in Abbotsford, BC, the Fisheries Technician(s) will assist in deploying, monitoring, and processing hydroacoustic data to monitor the upstream passage of Fraser River sockeye salmon. In addition to gaining experience in fisheries hydroacoustics, successful applicants will be contributing towards the assessment of sockeye salmon populations for fisheries management as part of an international fisheries agency.

Wages will begin at $ 23.29 CAD per hour plus 4% in lieu of vacation

Applications should be received by 11:59pm PDT Sunday, May 8, 2022, and be addressed to Ms. Ehrmantraut at Include a cover letter and résumé with two references. Please reference the name of the position in the email subject line. 


See PDF attachment for the full job description. 

Posted : 21/04/2022 3:59 pm

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