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NFA Business Support Officer for Central/North Coast
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Job Summary

The Native Fishing Association is committed to supporting BC’s independent Indigenous entrepreneurs with all fishing-related and seafood-related business activities – on board, on the dock and in their Indigenous communities. 

The NFA Business Support Officer will work with, and in coordination with, NFA’s current Business Support Specialist in reaching out to BC’s Indigenous fishing entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on fishers in central and north coast communities, as well as an additional focus on Indigenous women entrepreneurs interested in fishing-activity related business start-ups and expansions.

The NFA Business Support Officer will support Indigenous fishing entrepreneurs by assisting with:

  • Proposal writing for NFA licences, financing and other funding programs that may help with their fishing/seafood business development
  • Business plan writing for establishing or expanding their fishing/seafood business
  • Connecting fishers with the right expertise/coaching based on their unique business trajectory
  • Establishing a peer-to-peer learning network with other BC Indigenous fishing entrepreneurs who have experience with similar fishing and seafood business development
  • Continuous professional development through online and/or in-person workshops, seminars, and other learning tools

Core Qualifications:

  • 3 – 5 years’ experience in related context, e.g., community economic development, business finance, bank or credit union or non-profit organization is preferred.
  • Experience with budgeting and financial systems/procedures.
  • University degree or college diploma in business administration, finance, community economic development, planning, or equivalent experience (e.g., banking, lending, community economic development,) is preferred.
  • Experience in Indigenous business and economic development an asset.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Indigenous histories and cultures is an asset.
  • Lived experience and/or knowledge of Indigenous women is an asset.
  • Knowledge of government loan, grant, and contribution programs as they relate to Indigenous business and economic development is an asset.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience with completion of loan and contribution program applications.
  • Excellent writing and communications skills.
  • Knowledge of community economic development programs and an understanding of social finance.
  • Demonstrated experience with a variety of software, e.g., PowerPoint, Excel, Micro-soft Office, web-based databases.
  • General knowledge of accounting/marketing/business management.


Maintains positive relationship with all NFA clients, ensuring transactions and information received on behalf of NFA and /or its employees are kept confidential.


Some travel may be involved in the delivery of training and workshops, outreach activities to BC’s Indigenous fishing entrepreneurs, and to attend training sessions.

Commitment and Compensation

NFA will require the Business Support Officer to work a minimum of 35 hours per week, provide accountability and regular progress reports. Depending on experience, compensation will range from $45k – $60k annually. Remote working will be considered. Preference will be given to Indigenous women.

Program Areas of Focus for NFA Business Support Officer

 Vessel-based Business Support for:

  • Maintenance issues of current vessels
  • Cleaner energy adoption on vessels (FACTAP and similar programs)
  • Strategic investment in new-built vessels
  • Increasing Women-Owned fishing vessels
  • Increasing access to ice/refrigeration/freezer infrastructure for best-quality seafood
  • Increasing offloading options and fish buying options
  • Providing practical info on training for on-board fishers, including updating certifications

Dock-based Business Support for:

  • Working with wharfingers/fishers to develop dock-side infrastructure, appropriately scaled to stabilize seafood products over time: walk-in refrigerators, walk-in freezers, and holding tanks:
  • This allows for more control over market saturation, to ensure best prices
  • This allows for building economies of scale amongst fishers at a dock for purposes of price negotiation and cost savings in processing, storage, transport, etc.
  • If powered by clean energy sources, allows remote communities more participation, and more reliability, in the seafood value chain processes
  • Allows for more community employment and entrepreneurship

Community-based Fishing Business Support for:

  • Supporting home-based business start-ups and business expansion focused on:
    • Dock-side seafood processing, and value-added product development
    • Dock-side seafood storage services
    • Seafood market research, online marketing, graphic design, online sales
    • Seafood transport logistics


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