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Aquaculture Technician-Road 17 Arctic Charr Farm, Oliver

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Jackson Matschke
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Location: Oliver, BC

Hiring full-time Aquaculture Technician

Wage: $22.50/hr


Job Description:  The work is focused on daily and weekly tasks required for the operation of a land-based, flow through aquaculture facility, with primary duties on maintaining livestock and operational systems.  These tasks involve feeding and health monitoring of the livestock, system maintenance, inspection and housekeeping, monitoring water quality, and record keeping.  Also required to assist with harvest, transfers, population sampling, grading, and sorting of fish.  May be asked to help with deliveries.  Required to respond to any system emergencies and alarms 24hrs/day while on duty (i.e., power outages).  Other duties as required.


Staff house on site for use by employees.


Attention to detail and working safely extremely important.  High level of reliability and excellent communication skills required.  Aquaculture experience preferred.  Familiarity with Excel spreadsheets an asset.  The selected candidate will be required to speak and write English fluently.  Driver’s licence with clean record also an asset.

Contact Wendy Vandersteen

Posted : 06/04/2023 12:12 am

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