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UBC Institute of Oceans and Fisheries Speaker Series – DFO and the Salish Sea

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Nov. 12 presentation – Dr. Ian Perry “DFO and the Salish Sea”


How much do you know about the federal agency responsible for managing human interactions with the marine environment in Canada? How much do you know about the sea that laps at the shores of UBC? Come along with Dr. Perry as he presents a short description of how DFO is structured and how it provides science advice, and then discusses how the Salish Sea is structured and how it functions. Can you answer these questions: what is the Salish Sea? Is the Salish Sea warming? What is the current condition of the Salish Sea ecosystem? What is driving changes in this ecosystem, and can these changes be managed? What influences the resilience of the Salish Sea ecosystem? Dr. Perry will address these questions and more in his presentation.

The IOF Oceans and Fisheries Seminar Series invites speakers to present the latest research in a wide range of disciplines related to freshwater systems, the oceans, and fisheries. Past speakers have included public communicators, economists, ecosystem modellers, anthropologists, and ecologists. These seminars draw a diverse audience, leading to thought-provoking discussions and a sharing of new ideas and perspectives.

Posted : 17/11/2021 9:22 pm

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